We are twin brothers trying to get one up on each others’ discoveries, while learning to discover the world at twice the speed together.

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Big Brother – Brandon
My name is Brandon but people online know me as @brandothepig. I grew up a very fussy eater, but over time I’ve learnt to refine my palate and cooking skills to accommodate my fussy tastebuds. They’ve grown up to become a little bit on the posh side, but open and inviting to all foods nowadays. After working in hospitality, managing a smoothie bar, and a short stint at culinary school, food has become very central to my life, with most of my adventures and holidays revolving around eating. In my spare time, I like to chase foodgasms and make food memories, followed by deciding what name to call my food baby.

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!






Little Brother – Brian
Otherwise known as @brhinos, I’m the younger brother of the Twin Discoveries twinship. I am an amateur cook, a master eater and a lover of culinary adventures. Having spent the last two years living in London, Beijing and now back to Sydney, my palate has come back more refined, experienced and convinced that Australia has some of the best food in the world. This year, I’m aspiring to become more focused on eating better and cleaner but I’ll be honest, I’m starting from a pretty relaxed point and probably have given up/started again many times by the time you’re reading this. Regardless, food represents so many great things and will always have a hold on me so please join us on this blog and enjoy the endless journey of us finding the right balance between food & exercise, healthy & down right careless and responsibility & foodgasms.


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