Recipe: Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles) using the Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister

Written by Brian (@brhinos), Sydney

The first time I heard someone say Zoodles, I thought they found a funny way of saying noodles. And in a way, they did. For the more informed foodie, Zoodles is short for Zucchini Noodles and is a healthy, low carb alternative to your standard noodles or pasta. It is also gluten free and is as fresh as your zucchini is.


Along with the health benefits of eating zoodles, they are a minimalist’s dream as it’s incredibly simple to prepare and you can eat them raw or cooked.

The easiest recipe in the world


I won’t lie. These are incredibly easy to make. It depends on what and how you’ll like to eat them but the basic version doesn’t take long at all.

Ingredients: 1 Zucchini

Step 1: Cut off ends of Zucchini

Step 2: Place Zucchini into Zoodle maker (see below)

Step 3: Add desired toppings

And you’re done! A healthy, home cooked meal in minutes.


The Zoodle Maker

There are a few popular ways to make Zoodles, the most popular being a Spiralizer or a vegetable scraper. Graters and food processors work too but have less of the noodle look and feel. My weapon of choice was my housemate’s Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister, which although not a spiralizer, does pretty much the same job.


The Betty Bossi Vegetable twister retails for around $40 (you can pick it up cheaper online) and can be used for cutting a range of vegetables including carrots, beetroots and sweet potatoes. It has three components: the twister screw, spiral holder and spaghetti holder. This gives me the choice of making thin spiral zoodles or spaghetti zoodles. I decide to try both.

Spaghetti Zoodles


The first thing I realise while using the Vegetable Twister is how easy it is to use. Twist, twist, done.

The second thing is how much they resemble spaghetti. I manage to get some very long strands that would give Rapunzel’s hair a run for her money and after a couple of minutes, my zoodles are ready.

I could eat them raw but I prefer to cook them and also add more ingredients to make it a little more interesting.

Being the minimalist I am and to save on washing, I twist the zoodles directly into the frying pan and add a small amount of water to help with the cooking (you could also use oil if you prefer).

What seems like a lot of zoodles in volume, actually shrinks in the cooking process.


This is where you can get creative and add your favourite ingredients. I add some chilli flakes for spice and decide tuna and corn will be my best options for toppings in lieu of my empty fridge.


The result:

Spicy Tuna & Corn Zoodles


That’s how I would probably serve it if I was cooking for a guest but in actual fact, I mixed everything together and ate it like this (haha)


Spiral Zoodles

This time I tried out the Spiral holder on the Vegetable Twister. This adapter simply slices the zucchini into thin, spiral noodles and they look and feel a lot less like noodles. Once again, directly into the frying pan.


Instead of using water to cook the zoodles, I cook chicken skin on the pan and use the excess oil to fry the noodles. This little trick adds so much flavour to the noodles. I add some chicken and finish with truffle oil.

The result:

Chicken Zoodles with Truffle Oil


Texture wise, I preferred the spaghetti zoodles. They resembled pasta or noodles and if I wasn’t paying attention, I wouldn’t realise I was eating a low carb vegetable. Toppings wise, the chicken and truffle oil worked amazingly so my next attempt will bring the best of both experiments, combining the spaghetti zoodles with the chicken and truffle oil.

I think I may just have found my newest easy, healthy meal to cook at home.

Zoodles benefits: Healthy, fresh, low carb, gluten free, easy to make, quick to prepare

The cheapest place I could find the Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister was at Kitchenware Direct for $26.95 (+ shipping).

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