Pies & Desserts from Strawberry Fields Patisserie, Dulwich Hill

In the small suburb of Dulwich Hill lies a sprawling food community which has recently added the Nutella themed Tella Balls Dessert Bar to their neighbourhood. I have to admit, I don’t visit this suburb often but on a recommendation from a friend, I fight the crowds to get myself a Tella ball before trying out a modest bakery called Strawberry fields.


Formerly owned and run by ex Glass Brasserie pastry chef Simon Bimson, ownership changed hands about a year ago. The bakery is now owned by long term Strawberry Fields employee, Tina. Tina is an accountant turned pastry chef who takes a very hands on approach to running her business. She makes the pastries and can be often seen having friendly chats with customers. Tina prides herself in using high quality ingredients and says she is driven by the good feedback she receives from customers.

And with a selection of pastries and cakes, I can imagine there are a lot of happy customers. Check out their Facebook page for the latest assortment.


This place is a mix between a cafe and a bakery. Unlike standard bakeries, Strawberry Fields Patisserie serves coffee, has an open kitchen and outdoor seating.

The Savoury

Strawberry Fields Patisserie are regular participants of the annual Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and historically have done relatively well. In 2014, they won 7 medals (2 Silver, 5 Bronze) for their pies and pastries, 6 medals in 2015 (2 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze) and 3 medals out of 3 entries in 2016 (1 Silver, 2 Bronze).

Being a sucker for awards, I decide to test run the award winning pies from the most recent year, 2016. I look for the Vegie Pie (Silver medal 2016, Bronze 2015) but they are sold out.


Beef & Stout Pie (Bronze 2016, Silver 2015).
Using locally source beef and cooked in the oven for 4 hours, this is more than the average pie. The meat is tender and the flavours are great and I am told the juice from the free range meat is used to make the gravy. I prefer my pastry a little crispier so along with the fact I was stuffed from lunch, I decide to take a couple of pastries home and air fry them.

Next up was the Chicken Pie (Bronze 2016) and after a few minutes in the air fryer, the pastry was flaky and crispy, just the way I like it. There was a good mix of mushrooms and asparagus with the chicken and overall, was really tasty.

The Traditional sausage roll looked great so I had to give it a go. Firstly, it’s hard not to notice the size of it. It’s basically a meal in itself. Secondly, I’m starting to love this bakery. The food is delicious, I’m wondering how this sausage roll hasn’t won a medal. The mustard seeds and onions elevate the sausage roll to another level.

The Sweet

After a strong performance from the savoury pastries, my expectations rose a little for the sweet cakes. We select two and boy do they look impressive.


Lychee & raspberry – Raspberry mouse, fresh lychee with lychee jelly, lychee mousse and a biscuit base. I liked the assiette of lychee three ways – fresh, jelly and mousse. The flavours were subtle but refreshing.


Raspberry & Blackcurrant mousse

Again, there was another assiette. Raspberry jelly from raspberry coulis, raspberry mousse combined with blackcurrants, mirror glaze, white chocolate and dry raspberry powder. This was an absolute winner of a dessert! From the first mouthful, there is an intense, concentrated flavour from the raspberry coulis. Add the smooth texture of the mousse and striking colours to capture the eye and you have yourself a very well put together dessert.


I was pleasantly surprised by Strawberry Fields. This clearly is a bakery that has given some thought into the flavours and components of their food and after this visit, I’m going to have to try to drop by Dulwich Hill a lot more often.

Twin Discoveries recommendations: Raspberry & Blackcurrant Mousse, Beef & Stout Pie

Strawberry Fields Patisserie

Shop 2 420 New Canterbury Rd Dulwich Hill
Sydney, NSW
(02) 8021 2294

Open: Tues-Sun 7am – 3pm


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