Pigout Aus, Burger Pop Up store in Sydney

Written by Brian (@brhinos), Sydney

Pigout Aus have spent the last couple of years on the markets and food festival circuit and this Saturday (March 5th) marks a big occasion for them when they open up their first Pop Up Store in the Sydney CBD.

Siblings, Byron and Jasmine started their journey on Sydney’s burger scene when Jasmine’s passion for food and persuasive skills managed to get brother, Byron on board. And just like any fledgling business, it wasn’t easy going at the start. They began selling burgers at various markets until finally finding a home and a loyal following at the North Shore’s Kirribilli Markets. Here, business began to take off as hungry customers formed long queues and their burgers and hot food consistently sold out.

Fast forward to the present day and Pigout Aus have said goodbye to their Kirribilli Market stall and teamed up with the guys from Basement 33 to create an atmosphere of American fusion burgers in the hip setting of a bar.

With some familiar Kirribilli Markets favourites and some new creations, here are some of the exciting items that will be offered at the new pop up store.

The Sides


Young Cheezy – Bacon loaded cheesy fries served with house made secret sauce (more on this later). In a word, delicious.



Hall-ap-en-yo face – Cheese jalapeño poppers. Essentially the jalapeño seeds are hollowed out and replaced with cheese. The warm, creamy cheese and the crunchy bread crumbed topping go well with the spicy kick from the jalapeño. My mouth burns with each bite, while my friends don’t even break a sweat. My embarrassingly low chilli tolerance is put to shame.

Then things started to get really interesting…




Hotline dumpblings – Crispy Cheese burger dumplings

That’s right. Crispy cheese burger dumplings! How about that for innovative food? And those are just the sides. I haven’t even started talking about the burgers. I bite into the crispy exterior and my mouth is filled with the richness of what tastes strikingly similar to a cheese burger. I am wowed by the new creation and won over by the flavour. I could eat an entire serving of these by myself.


The Pigout business is structured simply. Jasmine works the kitchen and Byron looks after the floor. This seems to be a formula that’s allowed their exciting and interesting creations to grow. Innovative ideas like cheese burger dumplings and jalapeño poppers are what give their menu life and help differentiate their business in the competitive Sydney foodie market. A lot of work has gone into the visual presentation of their food too, which you’ll see when the burgers are served.

The Burgers


Mother Clucker – Ramen crusted Fried Chicken, American cheddar, lettuce, tomato & kimchi ranch sauce

I’m not a kimchi fan normally so this burger lost some appeal to me. Surprisingly though, I enjoyed it more than I thought. The kimchi ranch isn’t over powering and where this burger shines is the uniqueness of the patty – Fried chicken encrusted in ramen. It is novel but also ticks the flavour box.


Big Tony – Beef patty, American cheddar, streaky bacon, jalapeno poppers, lettuce, tomato, onion & Pigout’s secret sauce

Now for the big guns. This is the first time I’ve seen an injection for a burger. Clever idea, mainly because this syringe is full of Pigout’s secret sauce. The sauce was developed in house by Jasmine, the product of trial and error and numerous tweaks resulting in the glue that makes this burger one of the best tasting burgers I’ve had in Sydney.

This burger also bears some significance to Byron and Jasmine as it is a tribute to their late father who, in Byron’s words was a “big guy” hence the name “Big Tony”. If there’s one thing you have to try here, this is it. And as a bonus, the pop up store will also be serving double Big Tony burgers .

Unfortunately, the Pigout signature dish was not available when I visited but for future reference, you may want to order the “Notorious P.I.G.”. A slow cooked, tender juicy pulled pork burger with the optional extra of crunchy crackling. To see the mouth watering pictures, jump on the Pigout Aus Facebook page or click here.

Byron hopes the launch of their pop up store this week will be a nice place customers can bring their friends and chill out with “burgers & booze”. This set up is reminiscent of the highly successful Meat Liquor franchise in London so this formula can work if executed well. Starting off with Saturdays only, Pigout are considering increasing the number of days per week based on the response. With great food on offer combined with the inviting atmosphere and open setting of Basement 33, here’s hoping Pigout Aus will be finding their home in the CBD soon.

Twin Discoveries recommended dishes: Big Tony burger, Cheese burger dumplings

Pigout Aus

Pop up store launching Saturday, 5 March 2016

Open Saturdays from 5pm until sold out. [Apr16 Update: Pop Up store is no longer regularly on Saturdays. Check the Pigout Aus Facebook page for exact days and times]

Basement 33
Basement Level
27-33 Goulburn Street
Sydney, 2000 NSW


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