Kit Kat Studio pop up in Melbourne

Written by Brandon (@brandothepig), Melbourne.


I first heard about the Kit Kat concept store craze from my brother Brian (@brhinos) who lives in Sydney. To celebrate the Kit Kat’s 80th birthday, they opened a pop up store in August, where you could create your own Kit Kat flavours and also buy limited edition releases. Four weeks and 25,000+ Kit Kats later, it was all over.

I’m a little late to the party, but the Kit Kat Studio is back! On the 24th November, the Kit Kat Studio set up shop in Melbourne for an extended run of 8 weeks. As someone who was obsessed with collecting and tasting every flavour of Kit Kat on a tour of Japan a couple of years ago, I took the opportunity to walk down memory lane.

For those who haven’t been, here is how it works.

You can select:

  • One of the special limited edition flavours ($6 for 4 fingers)
  • All four of the special limited edition flavours ($30 in a giftbox)
  • Create your own ($14 for 8 fingers)

Five limited edition Kit Kats

My first instinct was to jump straight into the “Create Your Own” queue, with a plan of grabbing the box of four flavours on the way out. While waiting in line, I did a quick calculation.

$44 on Kit Kats!

I thought about eating it for dinner using my dinner budget. I thought about getting it for my wife for Christmas (even though I already have a present for her). I could share with friends altruistically (I knew it would eat it before it made it that far). I tried SO HARD to justify it. But I just couldn’t justify it to myself today.

I snapped out of my Kit Kat euphoria and did an internal debate – one or the other. Which one?

It was a no-brainer. I had to design my own Kit Kat! It would be silly not to. I followed the prompts:

1. Select your chocolate 

White, Milk or Dark. Dark chocolate for me, any day of the week.

2. Create your signature flavour


Out of a possible 16 flavours, you can select up to 3. It was a tough choice for me – 3 wasn’t enough and I was overindexing too much on salted caramel! After a good five minutes of stressfully playing around with the different combinations, I settled on caramelised meringue, crumbled coconut macaroons and crunchy & chewy salted caramel.

3. Personalise your packaging

The front of the box can be personalised by typing in the wording you would like to appear, followed by pre-set descriptions and design templates of the packaging. I ended up creating “Brando The Pig’s PHENOMENAL break”. Happiness ensued.

4. Review your creation

Seeing my very own Brando The Pig creation made me so proud! I can appreciate now how Willy Wonka must feel. I was seriously beaming with pride. I clicked “Confirm”, then paid the roaming Sales Assistant.

P1140634I guess I was caught up in the excitement of it all, and it didn’t hit me that the chocolate had to set. The sales assistant told me I had to wait 3 hours to collect my custom made Kit Kat. Lucky I had my Christmas shopping and (non-chocolate) dinner plans to keep me busy.

Before I left, I watched as my “Phenomenal” Kit Kat formed part of the production line.

The chocolate is piped into the Kit Kat mould.


The famous Kit Kat wafer is added, pressed in and smoothed.


Once the wafers are pressed into the mould and leveled, the selected flavours are layered on top, before being refrigerated.


I got a text message an hour and forty minutes later to say my Kit Kat was ready for collection. Winning!


Despite the cost, I honestly can say it was the best Kit Kat I’ve eaten. Yes, even better than all the cool Japanese flavours. Worth a look – in Melbourne until January 17th 2016. Enjoy!

Kit Kat Studio, pop up concept store
Melbourne Central, Ground Floor (next to Element)
Corner of LaTrobe and Swanston street, Melbourne
Open Sun-Tue 10am-7pm, Wed-Sat 10am-9pm
Until the 17th January

Written by Brandon (@brandothepig), Melbourne.



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