Mork redefining the Melbourne Liquid Chocolate Scene

Written by Brandon (@brandothepig), Melbourne.


Mork. It’s ubiquitous. Synonymous with the Melbourne Cafe scene. In direct competition for “share of throat” against the Goliath that is Melbourne coffee. Yet it has managed to flourish and create a league of it’s own. Stocked in over 125 cafes across five states in Australia, and with the introduction of the Mork Chocolate Brew House in Melbourne this year, Mork Specialty Hot Chocolate is fast earning a cult following and legendary status.

Josefin Zernell, a Swedish chocolatier with a background in coffee roasting, came to Melbourne and was immediately inspired by the quality of the coffee scene. He noticed however, the drinking chocolate segment was lagging behind without the same level of standards as coffee. And so, Mork, which is Swedish for “dark”, paying homage to Josefin’s devotion to pure dark chocolate, was born.

After exploding onto the Melbourne cafe scene and popping up all around Australia, next came the Mork Chocolate Brew House. A former 1950s bakery warehouse in North Melbourne, which this year was converted into an 18-seat liquid chocolate nirvana. And believe me when I say… It. Is. NIR-VANA!

My first visit was in March, their opening month this year. I was surprised, almost confused, when they told me there was no coffee on the menu. No coffee in a cafe in Melbourne!? Huh?

I was strapped for time, so I grabbed a takeaway “Layered Chocolate”, and a cool looking brownie ball. Now it seems common and normal, but I remember thinking “wow, I get cake pops, but I have never seen a brownie rolled into a ball”.


As I walked out, I took a sip of my drink. My tastebuds were hit with a warm orange custard (crema catalana), then doused by a cold 70% dark chocolate milk bomb. I think I just had a foodgasm. In a state of temporary enlightenment, I took a bite of my brownie. I went weak at the knees and started blushing. The brownie was rich and crunchy from being rolled in dark chocolate and peanut brittle. Together it was a match made in chocolate heaven.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg. My next visit unleashed more of the creative menu. We ordered the famous “Campfire Chocolate” and the “Liquid Chocolate Bar”.


The famous “Campfire Chocolate” involves taking a glass which has smoke trapped under it, flipping it over and pouring the dark hot chocolate over the escaping smoke. The drink is then seasoned with house smoked salt, and stirred with a torched marshmallow on a stick to bring the magic all together.

The “Liquid Chocolate Bar” was self explanatory, essentially combining house-made caramel, a shard of dark chocolate, and hot liquid chocolate, into a drinkable chocolate bar. Delicious.

Mork calls themselves “Cacao Artisans of Melbourne”, which is better than my description of “liquid-chocolate-disguised-cocaine”. They have taken quality beans, masterful roasting and passion to create a truely outstanding product and experience that has redefined liquid chocolate in Melbourne. An absolute must try if in Melbourne, or at one of the 127 cafes that now stock Mork Specialty Hot Chocolate across Australia.

Mörk Chocolate Brew House
150 Errol Street, North Melbourne 3015, Victoria.
Open Tuesday – Sunday: 9:00 – 17:00. Closed Mondays.
Written by Brandon (@brandothepig), Melbourne.

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