Friends Central Perk Pop Up Cafe in Sydney!

Friends Fans! You heard correctly. There’s a Central Perk Pop Up in Sydney!

One of my favourite TV shows in the 90’s was Friends so when I heard the coolest coffee shop in New York City was opening up in Hyde Park, I made it my mission to drop by and get myself an oversized Cup of Joe.

On my way there, the anticipation kept growing. I was expecting a large space with lots of tables, just like the TV show. There would be a Rachel look alike serving coffees and of course, the opportunity to lounge on the signature orange couch. Admittedly, I may have been a touch unrealistic with my expectations but what I wasn’t expecting was this. A little shoe box of a cafe.

IMG_1052b   IMG_1055

However, my disappointment of not seeing a proper cafe quickly disappeared when I made it inside and saw the iconic Central Perk branding hovering over the famous orange couch. “Photos?” They ask. “Definitely” I say. I can’t explain just how happy I was. It was almost like being at Disneyland.


This outfit came about to celebrate the launch of Friends on the online streaming platform, Stan (hence the hashtag #FriendsOnStan). If their objective was to sign up more customers to start watching, it’s working. On me anyway.

A word of warning, the Pop up store closes on Sunday, Oct 18 so get in quick! It’s small and there will be queues but it’s definitely worth the wait if you’re a fan of the show! There’s even free coffee for your troubles.


Coffee. Not served in oversized mugs, but acceptably cool disposables

Hyde Park, corner of College & Liverpool St, Sydney
Sun-Wed 8am-5pm, Thu-Sat: 8am-7pm.

Free Entry

Written by Brian (@brhinos)


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